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Rainbow Bee-eater on Fraser Island Australia



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The following publications were used as references when personnel observations were inadequate:

Simpson, K. & Day, N. 1999, Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, Penguin Books, Australia.

Trounson, D. & M. 1994, Australian Birds Simply classified, National Book Distributors and Publishers, Australia.

Lindsey, T. 1999, Encyclopedia of Australian Birds CD-ROM, Webster Publishing, Australia.


Size of birds: Measurement taken from tip of bill to tip of tail.

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bird watching


bird photos is a site for amateur ornithology or actual ornithology nature photography at its best, Greg Holland and Leon Keasey spent 3 years and travelled over 100000 km, to capture these unique images of Australian Birdlife, From Wedge tailed Eagles to Fairy Wrens. Sit back and enjoy nature at its f

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