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Rainbow Bee-eater on Fraser Island Australia



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Pheasant Coucal  Size: 60-80cm Habitat: Found across Australia's Top End and down the East Coast to south of Sydney. Inhabiting rank grasslands, and canfields. This Cuckoo lives partly on the ground, and the male raises its own offspring. Diet consists of large insects and small animals. Notes: Black bird with brown/chestnut wings and long tail. Red eye and large feet. Breeds Spring-Summer. For more information on Pheasant Coucal see references.

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The bird photographers' flights of fancy

Greg Holland and Leon Keasey have spent two years of their life, and travelled more than 100,000km through out Australia, chasing perfect Bird photos.

They encountered Australian Birds of all shapes and sizes, from massive Wedge tailed Eagles, to tiny fairy wrens, their Osprey photos are stunning examples of Bird photography at its best

Greg and Leon have only been seriously involved in Nature photography for the last couple of years. "Two years ago, I sort of threw away my suits and ties," says Greg. "I worked in the corporate world and thought I'd get out there and get in touch with nature instead."

Some of the best experiences were standing in the middle of Australia, amongst a group of Wedge tailed Eagle, or spending a great deal of time on Fraser Island with the Osprey and White bellied Sea Eagles.


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